WIN Summit 2018 Agenda

*Subject to change
*CLE Eligible

Be sure to come early to network, grab coffee from WIN Summit exclusive coffee sponsor CityGirlCoffee, and enjoy the NYAC’s world renowned views of Central Park.
A brief welcome and summary of the day’s schedule
Room 1 — Of Course You Can: Negotiation Skills for Today’s Women (CLE)

  • Using communication behaviors to maximize your leverage in a negotiation
  • Identifying and using your strengths without focusing on your weaknesses
  • Getting rid of whatever is holding you back

Room 2 — High Performance Leadership

  • Learn negotiation strategies from high performance leaders
  • Identify core assets of successful leaders
  • Increase your leadership performance

Room 3 — Reframing a No to get Yes

  • Change the flow of conversation to be more positive;
  • Develop strategies for addressing negativity;
  • Increase agreement in your negotiations

Room 4 — Confidence in Negotiation

  • Increase your self-image in negotiation;
  • Learn ways to be more assertive;
  • Develop engaging relationships
Room 1 — Negotiation Tactics for Entrepreneurs

  • Apply negotiation basics to the world of entrepreneurial negotiations;
  • Increase influence tactics;
  • Build relationships to complement your strengths

Room 2 — Negotiating in a Culturally Diverse Environment

  • Use ways to blend in or stand out to your advantage;
  • Learn strategies for being heard;
  • Becoming comfortable in a male-dominated situation

Room 3 — Harnessing the Power of Emotion in Negotiation

  • Develop insights into your own emotions;
  • Learn ways to manage your reactions to others’ emotions;
  • Use emotions to increase your power in negotiation

Room 4 — Women Working With Women

  • Increase your impact in negotiations;
  • Learn ways to leave an impression;
  • Identify ways to strengthen your personal message
Room 1 — Advanced Negotiation Workshop: Strategies, Tools, and Skills for Success

  •  Identify the influences on how you negotiate;
  • Create the story of who you are as a negotiator;
  • Increase obtaining the outcomes you seek

Room 2 — Building Your Negotiation Pay Playbook

  • Identify strategies to align your pay with your worth;
  • Increase the tactics you use to direct salary negotiations;
  • Learn more background information to shape your approach

Room 3 — Boost Your Likability: Boost Your Influence

  • Increase your authenticity and productive energy in interactions;
  • Discover how to find common ground with almost anyone;
  • Learn multiple ways to add value to your network

Room 4 — Dealing with Hardball Tactics in Negotiations

  • Identify tactics that are being used on you in negotiation;
  • Learn ways to respond and redirect the negotiation;
  • Identifying your goals for each negotiation
Lunch will be served buffet style on the 9th floor of the NYAC in the expo hall
Keynote address to be delivered by high profile female government leader-TBA
Room 1 — Disruptive Leadership: Fostering a New Corporate Culture

Room 2 — How to be a Strong Woman within a Strong Corporate Culture

  • Learn how being feminine can work to your advantage;
  • Identify strategies to be assertive and get what you want;
  • Develop your own persona in negotiations

Room 3 — Business Networking Skills

  • Learn about the power of connection;
  • Develop strategies of how to build worthwhile relationships;
  • Increase your ability at having empathy

Room 4 — All Women Are Not The Same: Intersectionality of Gender, Culture, and Race

Room 5 — Negotiation and Settlement: A View From The Bench (CLE) – Ends 3:20PM

  • Learn what works in court that can also be applied to other situations;
  • Identify dos and don’ts of being honest and ethical so as not to lose credibility;
  • Manage expectations to serve clients well and maintain integrity of the negotiation
Its A Men’s Issue Too: What We Can Ask For of Our Male Colleagues
Refreshments and Networking
Connecting can be hard. This workshop will improve attendees networking abilities.
Keynote address to be delivered by high profile female Lawyer -TBA
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