WIN Summit 2017 Agenda

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Jack Simony, President of The Negotiation Institute
Jennifer Walsh, Founder, The Healthy Entrepreneur (Beauty Bar Founder)

Beginning as a young entrepreneur, Jennifer Walsh has built an extraordinary 20 year career in the extremely competitive health & beauty sector. On to her latest launch, The Healthy Entreprenaur, Jennifer has built a following of tens of thousands who seek advice, encouragement, endorsement and most of all expertise on how to negotiate your brand’s and your own success. In this lively and revealing keynote, she will share lessons she’s learned about negotiating as a woman in media outlets and manufacturing facilities dominated by men.

Beth Fisher-Yoshida, program director, negotiation & conflict resolution, negotiation Columbia University

Dr. Fisher-Yoshida takes a systematic approach to working on both simple and complex issues with multiple stakehodlers pertaining to all phases of the negotiation process. She has more than 25 years’ experience in working with clients, students, and workshop participants on negotiation. Beth will speak from a global perspective on relational aspects of negotiation and the role communication plays in building these relationships.

Ora Shtull, executive coach/author

How important is your Emotional IQ when you’re a woman negotiating? You don’t want to lose your temper, burst into tears, or sink into a funk while negotiating, but what about positive emotions? Can a positive, enthusiastic or calm attitude have a favorable impact on your negotiation? Coach and author, Ora Shtul discusses many common assumptions about women and negotiating with a special focus on the impact of emotions on the outcome of a negotiation.

Moderator: Kimberly Weisul, Inc. Magazine

Certain fields (aerospace, professional sports, high-tech, the financial sector) remain dominated by men at the top—and often in the trenches too. Because senior leadership tends to be largely male, and these men perpetuate a stereotype of the masculine-identified qualities required to become leaders (not to mention promoting people who most closely resemble themselves), cracking the door open in these fields has continued to be tough. Inc. Magazine’s, Kimberly Weisul, will lead a panel that discusses the particular challenges women face in a male-dominated workplace and introduces some of the strategies women find helpful as they try to stay afloat—and keep swimming.

Michelle Roberts, executive director, National Basketball Players’ Association
Linda Goldstein, Partner – Advertising, Marketing and Media, Manatt

Managing professionals from a different generation, whether they’re decades younger or significantly older and more experienced, requires sophisticated negotiating skills and a nuanced understanding of generational differences. Linda will lead a panel that aims to examine the differences between generations, delineate how negative stereotypes prevent mutual understanding, and identify ways to find common ground and make the most of each group’s strengths. This highly topical session will help you gain insight into your colleagues and enhance your skills in leading, inspiring, and collaborating across the ages.

Stacey Hoin Head of Human Resources GE Capital
Breakout 1: How to Be a Good Business Date – Negotiation Speed Dating
Lauren Perkins, Founder, Perks Consulting

Breakout 2: The Power of Influencing and Leading Through Core Values
Cristina Filippo, Ph.D. and Kathy Laster, Ph.D., Co-Founders of Impact Consulting

Understanding the role interpersonal influence plays in negotiation is key to successful outcomes. Two leadership development psychologists, will help you identify not only your own core values, but also other’s core values in order to frame ideas and proposals in a way that increases their appeal, helps align goals and decisions, maintains positive relationships, and land on solutions everyone can be happy with. Utilizing a challenging, revealing exercises based on significant life events you will evaluate your own values and predispositions to gain greater confidence into what you value and how that can help you succeed in even the most challenging of situations. As a bonus, you will receive some key psychological insights into how body language can impact your effectiveness in the boardroom.

Breakout 3: Understanding & Motivating People
Lee Miller, Speaker, TNI

Lee has experience leading HR at USA Networks, TV Guide, Barney’s New York, and R.H. Macy & Co. He has the true experience in dealing with individuals to lead a session on learning how to motivate your employees and colleagues, and understanding what is behind a happy and healthy work organization.


Jack Simony, President of The Negotiation Institute
Rosina Racioppi, President and CEO, Women Unlimited, Inc.

Dr. Racioppi, using her 25 years of experience helping leading organizations attract, retain and develop female talent, will pinpoint three proven strategies for bolstering a woman’s career. First, she’ll share insights on how and why women need to assess and, as needed, evolve their view of themselves. Second, Dr. Racioppi will highlight the way to build effective networks…ones that are defined by success, not numbers. Then, based on her independent research, she will discuss how women can develop honest mentoring relationships that provide them with needed feedback, often missing in their interactions with their managers.

This “triple header” of proven strategies will result in participants leaving the session with actionable approaches for achieving their career goals, for increasing their contributions to their companies and for improving their ability to negotiate for themselves and for their organizations.

Panelists: Carrie Cohen, Morrison Foerster; Tamar Elkels, Chief Talent Executive, Atlantic Bridge Capital
Moderator: Ayelet Fishbach, Professor of Behavioral Science and Marketing, University of Chicago
Feature Keynote: Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers, AFLCIO
Moderator: Diane Harris, Editor-in-Chief, Money Magazine

Diane will moderate a panel of leaders who will discuss the problems and the surprising benefits women encounter when negotiating with other women, and explores ways for women to build “sisterhood,” empower each other, and make the most of the “Female Advantage.”

Breakout 1: Negotiating Your Success & Work-Life Balance

Moderator: Georgene Huang, Fairy God Boss

In our globally competitive world, the skillful negotiator understands how cultural differences effect not just etiquette but negotiation strategy. Even more important is knowing how to manage differences in negotiation strategy without compromising your integrity. With thought-provoking questions posed by Susan Chin of The New York Times, the leaders on this panel will help you understand how to use culture to interpret the underlying motives and influences driving a negotiator’s behavior, explain how confrontation styles differ from one culture to another, and use different styles of information sharing to generate the knowledge you need to create value. You’ll come away prepared to work successfully with clients, colleagues, and competitors across the globe.

Breakout 2 / Wrap up – Takeaways
Cristina Fillippo, Ph.D., M.Ed., Co-CEO, IMPACT & Kathy Laster, Co-CEO, Impact

Ethics in Negotiation
Alex Spiro, Partner, Brafman & Associates, P.C