May 2nd WIN Summit 2018 will be hosting hundreds of professional women as they gather to learn, engage and grow through the negotiating skills and experiences of educators, executives, business leaders and glass ceiling breakers. #winsummit2018


  • I came away from the Win Summit feeling empowered and inspired. The speakers were fabulous and the atmosphere was one in which you felt a unity in goals and aspirations among the women in attendance.Graphic Designer, Small Business Owner

  • I can’t say it enough – I had a wonderful experience at the WIN Summit 2015. One after another, the presenters and panelists knocked it out of the park! I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a room with so many brilliant, confident, poised, and accomplished women. Can’t wait to do it again next year!Commodity Manager
  • Worth taking 2 days out of my crazy busy schedule to network and hear how other woman use negotiating tools to get the end results they desire.Realtor
  • The summit was extraordinary. I was inspired by the data, discussions, and the broad spectrum of professional women in attendance. The fact that we have analytics to support so much of what we have experienced is validating and empowering. Through these forums we learn, inspire and make positive change.Human Resources Executive
  • The WIN Summit allowed me to see that we as women need to be confident, know our worth, we need to work hard, and never be afraid to ask for what we deserve. If your workplace isn’t supporting your professional development then go somewhere where you will be valued.Event Manager
  • The WIN summit was an incredibly empowering event to attend. Not only did I have the opportunity to learn top tier negotiation skills & styles from fiercely successful women, but it also help to validate many of the experiences – more specifically the reactions I have to experiences – which I encounter as a women climbing the “corporate ladder”. I look forward to seeing this conference continue to grow, and empower more women in the years to follow.Marketing Supervisor
  • Excellent insight supported by data in a format that grabbed hold and didn’t let go.VP Legal Counsel
  • The Summit provided outstanding advice from industry experts while using an entertaining approach to teach and uplift women in today’s competitive business environment.Architect
  • I walked out feeling so empowered and with a huge new inventory of skills and lessons at my disposal. I’m going deeper into my bioengineering career path in a male dominated environment, and I feel that like these magnificent women who shared with us, and sat with me listening, that I can do it too!Scientist
  • I would encourage any woman in business to attend this seminar. The information provided was invaluable and translates easily to my daily life.Procurement Engineer
  • I love the focus on asking women what has worked for them in terms of negotiation. The more light we shine on the challenges women face in negotiating, hopefully the fewer challenges there will be in the future.Payscale employee
  • The summit brought to the surface so many of the key leadership issues we must address in the workforce yet are often never aired – especially those relating to leveraging ‘female’ qualities to excel.Business Development Executive
  • What an excellent event that every single woman in business should attend and every woman you wants to ‘get what she deserves’ should attend!Marketing Executive
  • I am going into the science field, a highly male dominated field, and so this was of extreme value to me. I learned so much, many valuable tools that will help me in a number of areas in my life.2015 Attendee
  • Not only did I validate my issues as being shared, I have been able to share the topics with women in my workplace to help motivate them.Manager at Siemens

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