Cristina Filippo

Cristina Filippo is Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Consulting, an organizational development firm whose core purpose is to grow amazing leaders, teams and cultures. Cristina has partnered extensively with c-suite level leaders in the financial, legal, healthcare, hospitality, educational, entertainment, construction and manufacturing sectors. In all areas of her work, clients appreciate her penetrating insights, and ability to translate key concepts into meaningful business outcomes.

A licensed consulting psychologist with 20 years’ experience working in human development, Cristina understands what makes organizations and leaders excel. She advises clients on a range of mission-critical services, including strategic visioning and planning, team effectiveness, individual and cultural assessment and executive coaching. Companies she has partnered with include Kaiser-Permanente, Dell, Flintco Constructon, Alcon, Fresenius Medical, and the Cherokee Nation.

Throughout her career, Cristina has leveraged both her academic, business and professional background to transform new or underperforming teams into high performing units, moving them from “insight to action”. She has extensive experience in customizing solutions to help leaders align and drive strategy execution, manage business and cultural transformation, and accelerate the development of teams and individual talent. In the current VUCA business environment, her candor, creativity, deep assessment analytics and ability to get to the heart of issues contributes to lasting change for her clients.
Cristina is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a Ph.D. in Psychology and a research emphasis in gender issues and work family integration. In addition, she completed her residency with rotations in both Clinical Psychology and Administrative Management/Consulting. She currently serves as faculty at the OUHSC College of Pharmacy’s Leadership Institute partnering with CVS Health, an innovative leadership program developing young leaders in the healthcare industry.
Throughout her career, Cristina has gravitated towards partnering and learning from great companies who are fueled by passion and purpose, not just the bottom line. She has first hand knowledge of how profits are enhanced by helping all company stakeholders thrive: customers, employees, investors, vendors, and the community. Cristina “walks the talk” by choosing to work with innovative companies and entrepreneurial leaders who have an eye towards culture, creating alliances with best-in-class vendors who supply gold-standard assessments and business products, and contributing to her professional community through writing, serving on various boards and speaking engagements. Her most recent “incredibly fun” experiences included spending time during a board retreat on John Mackey’s ranch, CEO of Whole Food, in Austin and speaking at the Zappo’s Downtown Project on Creativity & Teams.

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