Liza Pavlakos

Based miles away from New York City in Melbourne, Australia, Liza Pavlakos is a motivational speaker, business mentor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and avid supporter of human rights, particular of disadvantaged women. Having had to negotiate her way through the most challenging circumstances from a very young age, and having made the remarkable journey from a homeless, abused teenager to self-made millionaire entrepreneur, she now travels the world to mobilize people towards discovering the diamonds within and reaching for their goals with confidence. Drawing on her own inspiring story of spunk and resilience, she motivates audiences, ranging from entrepreneurs to corporate executives and business leaders, to triumph over every obstacle, and get on to the path to success.

Liza has been featured on CNN as a thought leader from Australia, encouraging women to embrace a positive attitude no matter what the situation, have faith in their innate strength and capabilities, and dare to be phenomenal.

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