Milan Prilepok

Milan is a Co-Founder and the global leader of McKinsey & Company’s negotiations service line. Milan’s client service focuses heavily on the topic of negotiations, having led client workshops for over 10,000 participants in 200 organizations across 30 countries globally. Moreover, Milan works with closely with clients in developing negotiation strategies, conducting scenario-analysis and designing situation specific negotiation game-plans, as well as architecting and executing interactive war-gaming simulations.

Milan’s negotiations support for clients includes working directly with C-suite executives and board members, as well as functional leaders in purchasing, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, finance, corporate strategy, technology, legal, real estate, etc.

Additionally, Milan conducts research on institutional maturity and practices around negotiations infrastructure (e.g., negotiation processes and playbooks, governance and policies, organizational biases, setting targets and performance management, knowledge capture, and capability building), as well as individuals’ approaches and mindsets in negotiations.

Milan has published short articles on negotiations and speaks at conferences, industry forums, and roundtables on negotiations.

Milan also teaches an MBA course on negotiations at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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