Monique Denton-Davis

Voted “Woman Of The Year” by CSB Sistars Inc. in 2017, Monique Denton-Davis is a passionate Motivational Life Empowerment Coach and Career Strategist, and Author based in Long Island, New York. Raised in the same area, her passion for helping women began early on. Currently, Monique is the proud Founder & CEO of Embrace Your CAKE (Confidence, Attitude, Kindness, and Excellence) Coaching. She is also a dedicated Director, Trainer, and Recruiter who has worked for both corporate and nonprofit organizations.

For over two decades, Monique has held numerous leadership positions in the human resources field and utilizes all of that valuable know-how when working with her clients.

Monique’s number one mission is to motivate women in all walks of life, encouraging them to embrace their C.A.K.E. and break through any obstacle with an unwavering sense of confidence. Nothing makes her happier than seeing people win and live the fulfilling life that they have always deserved.

Monique has been certified in Human Resource Management, Diversity and Inclusion and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Trainer. Monique holds a Degree in Organizational Management.

Twitter, IG, FB: @embraceyourcake

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