Violaine Galland

What has a former Wall Street executive and accomplished entrepreneur learned in her many years of success in some of the toughest industries? Powerful negotiation skills. Plenty of them. Violaine Galland is now a highly sought-after negotiation consultant who continually inspires women worldwide to become more effective negotiators. She’s proven throughout her life that women can be tough negotiators once they learn how to successfully harness their innate traits. Before she began teaching advanced negotiation techniques, Violaine was first an entrepreneur, selling her own company for a substantial profit—a feat in and of itself. But she didn’t stop there. Violaine then spent 15 years on Wall Street in financial technology where she sold trading systems and data management software, and it was in this male-dominated industry that she truly shined. Time and time again, she’d negotiate complex, multi-million dollars deals with senior stakeholders at some of the world’s top financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, the World Bank, and Deutsche Bank. Today, Violaine serves as Vice President of Scotwork, the world’s largest independent negotiation skills training and consulting firm. She’s a top negotiation consultant with a passion or helping women achieve their most desired outcomes. As a native of Geneva, Switzerland, Violaine lives and works both in New York and Switzerland with her two young children who are proving to be the toughest negotiators she’s come across yet!
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